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Our Poor French Teacher

Our Poor French Teacher

Throughout primary school, we had a French teacher who would pop in our class for 45 minutes or so on certain days of the week.  I'm sure there was (and is) a minimum number of hours French must be taught in Ontario, and we got that minimum.

Looking back, we were awful to that poor French teacher. We'd behave for our regular teacher, but once that French teacher had us, we turned into savages.  It's no wonder I barely learned a lick of French throughout primary school, and there waiting for us around the bend was a mandatory French class in grade nine.

My kids (at least my first two) will never appreciate this story, as they've been in French Immersion throughout primary school.  For a while, they only learned in French. They've never had a poor French teacher wheeled in periodically for her scheduled mistreatment.

Did anyone else experience this or were we just a bunch of French-hating animals?

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