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Kathryn Humphreys Gone from CityNews (Updated)

Kathryn Humphreys Gone from CityNews

Kathryn Humphreys joined Citytv in 1997 working on CityNews Weekend before moving over to CityNews Tonight.  I've just learned she's no longer a part of CityNews.

When my son played tee-ball at High Park, I remember her covering a game as part of her popular Tee-Ball Tuesday coverage.

I always liked how Kathryn Humphreys talked up sports, never taking it too seriously.  Here are my favourite tidbits about her as she leaves our airwaves after 17+ years:

  • She is married to Johnny Fay, a member of my favourite band, The Tragically Hip
  • Her father used to own the Oshawa Generals
  • Her replacement at CityNews is my friend's son's girlfriend who Jeff Marek and I talked about in episode 74 of Toronto Mike'd

Here's hoping Kathryn Humphreys returns to Toronto television.

Happy Update:

Kathryn Humphreys has welcomed twin boys. This might be the first time "family reasons" wasn't bullshit.  Congrats, Kathryn.

.@CityNews’ Kathryn Humphreys and husband welcome twin boys @citymisskitty— CityNews Toronto (@CityNews) May 29, 2014
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