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3 Thoughts (Sports Edition)

3 Thoughts (Sports Edition)

Elliotte Friedman regularly blogs his 30 thoughts and I'm always impressed with the quantity of observations and insight.  I don't have 30 thoughts this morning, but I have a few...

John Fucking Salmons
The Raptors game last night was insanely entertaining.  I only tuned in for the fourth quarter and overtimes but was mesmerized by a see-saw battle as the Raptors came within a whisker of upsetting the Oklahoma City Thunder.  In fact, that game is ours if not for John Salmons who turned over an inbound pass and missed two free throws in the last minute of play.  And then Kevin Durant happened...

I literally woke up pissed at John Salmons.

March Madness
The NCAA has this "First Four" thing they do before the opening round, and they've decided to call these two games the first round.  That means what we know as the first round is now the second round.  It's confusing and dumb.  The NCAA call tell us the third round starts today, but I'm still calling it the second round.

Leafs vs. Habs
My son has a playoff game today, then it's off to the ACC to catch the Leafs and Habs from the sweet Ford Canada seats.  I can't wait.

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