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TV and Me: Where I'm At and Where I'm Going

TV and Me: Where I'm At and Where I'm Going

My brother Ryan watches a lot of television.  He'll frequently write me emails telling me which series he's digging and urging me to check out shows like Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Luther and Game of Thrones.  If there's a critically acclaimed new show out there, he's watching...

I made a decision earlier in the year to stop starting television shows that are still in production.  I broke that rule by watching Orange is the New Black, but I didn't like that show enough to continue.  That means I'm just grandfathering in Mad Men and Breaking Bad, a couple of shows I'm up to date with and still thoroughly enjoying.

I sometimes think The Wire ruined me for television.  I've started shows like The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy, but abandoned them early because I wasn't feeling it.  I sometimes think I'm completely satisfied by live sports and good documentaries and films.  I'm more than happy to supplement that with re-viewings of shows I adore.  I'm currently making my way through Arrested Development for the fourth time and recently finished my third viewing of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Right now the television world is crazy for Breaking Bad's final two episodes, and I'm right there with ya on Sunday nights.  But eventually there will be huge buzz for the conclusion of shows I never bothered to pick up, like Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, The Americans or Shameless, and I'm well aware I'll be on the outside looking in.  I'm okay with that.

Just give me my Leaf games, a good doc and the final episodes of Mad Men and I'm happy.  When I want something rich and compelling, I'll watch The Wire again.

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