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The Latest Raptors Recap Ever

The Latest Raptors Recap Ever

I watched the Oklahoma City Thunder eliminate the Los Angeles Lakers last night.  That's rather significant, because I can count the basketball games I've watched this season on one hand.

Since the Raptors arrived in 1995 this is by far the least I've followed them.  For one, it was a shortened season, and I was rooting for the lockout.  It was a lost season and we all knew it so why emotionally invest? I opted out.

Having said that, I've never opted out of a lost Leafs season, and there have been plenty of those.  I chalk that up to the simple fact that I'm a bigger hockey fan than I am a basketball fan.  Still, I'm shocked at how invisible this Raptors season was... it started and then it was over.

Heading into this season, I wanted two things.  I wanted the Mavs to fizzle out because I didn't want Vince Carter winning an NBA Championship.  That happened.  And I'd like the Heat to lose.... just because.  Here's hoping that happens in the 2nd round against the Pacers.

So that's my super late Raptors recap.  We stunk, but we knew we'd stink, and we think we have a decent coach and brighter days ahead.

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