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Sunday Night Sex Show with Sue Johanson


If you're around my age, you learned a lot about sex by listening to Q107 on Sunday nights.  That's when the Sunday Night Sex Show aired, featuring Sue Johanson.

Sue Johanson told it like it was, without fanfare.  It was an open and frank talk about sex and it was both educational and interesting.  I didn't just listen to her radio show on Q, I also caught her Cable 10 show, which we all called Sex With Sue.  A little Googling tells me that wasn't the name, but that's definitely what we called it.

Sex With Sue is where we all learned that Sue Johanson looked like this:


And of course, who could forget her appearance on Degrassi Junior High as Dr. Sally?  Not I, that's for sure.

Can't. Find. Clip. :-(

At some point, Sue Johanson broke through in the USA, which meant we had to share her.  That's when stuff like this started to happen.

Ok, confession time... who out there learned some sex stuff from Sex With Sue?

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