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Check the O.R. (Or My Direct Connect to Organized Rhyme)


Full disclosure: my nephew's mother's cousin directed Organized Rhyme's video for Check the O.R.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about Check the O.R., a CanCon hit from 1992...

Organized Rhyme is now most famous for including Tom Green, but back in '92 I knew them best as the band the Dream Warriors were supporting.  The video for Check the O.R. was shot at Jane and Finch and features a Dream Warriors cameo.  At the time it was released, I was actually working at a Food City, but not the one you'll see below.

Nobody outside of Tom Green's family can name a second Organized Rhyme song.  Go ahead and try.  It's impossible.

Check the O.R., however, was a fun rap song and I still know most of the lyrics by heart.  Who doesn't drop a "I lay more chicks than Mother Goose" boast or a "I talk smooth like Lando Calrissian" claim now and then?

Check the O.R. even got remade recently, sort of... here's the Check the O.R. Redux.

Go off like a Canon, you're a copier... that's some gold right there.

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