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Two Questions About Last Night's Game


I was at the Leafs game yesterday, and I have two brief questions.

Question 1:
Prior to the singing of the national anthems, I saw the ACC staff carry the rolled up massive Canadian flag so the fans could hold it over their heads and pass it along.  I saw this done on opening night, and it was spectacular.  Only on this night, they changed their minds and never opened up the flag.

My question is, did they decide too few fans were in their seats for this to work?  Somebody called it off, and I'm just wondering why.

Question 2:
I was in the 300 section, so I could see televisions duplicating what's shown on the main scoreboard.  These televisions showed the score heading into overtime as "Away Team: 2" and "Home Team: 2".

In this day and age, was there really no way to customize that any further?  At the very least, they know the home team will always be the Leafs.  Why must these televisions display Away Team and Home Team?

Just wondering.  Here's a picture I took on opening night of the aforementioned flag carry.  It's pretty awesome to watch.

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