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Always Fight Your Traffic Tickets in Court


I was in traffic court this afternoon.  I arrived at 2700 Eglinton just before 1:30 and was out of there by 2pm.  If you get a traffic ticket, for speeding or failing to stop at a stop sign or anything at all, always go to court.

I've heard stories about people's charges being dropped because the police officer failed to show up at court, but my police office has always shown up.  Every time without failure I've plead guilty to a lesser charged, paid a smaller fine and gone on my way.  That's every time until today...

Today, both my charges were dropped.  I was ninth before the judge, and witnessed the first eight plead guilty to lesser offences.  I was prepared to do the same, and was quite surprised when the Crown withdrew both charges.  Today was my lucky day.


If you voluntarily pay the full amount for a traffic ticket and incur the demerit point reductions, you're a fool.  Toronto Mike says always fight your traffic tickets in court.

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