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Retro Ontario 45s = Awesome Ontario MixTape


I love this.  From Retrontario:

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Retrontario, I've pulled out some dusty 45s and made a thirty minute mixtape of sun-stained Ontario floor fillers with the odd vocal sample thrown in for good measure. Listen out for cameos from Retrontario luminaries like John Delazzer, Mark Dailey, and Dave Devall, and a very special thanks to 117 for his blissed-out remix of the title track.

Retrontario - The Day Out Mix by Retrontario on Mixcloud

Here are the amazing tunes you'll hear, but it's worth a listen even if just for the little audio cameos.  Thanks, Retrontario, you golden god!

  1. Terry Bush - Ontario - Is There Anyplace You'd Rather Be?
  2. Jerry Toth - A Place To Stand
  3. The Laurie Bower Singers - Season Of The Young
  4. Tommy Ambrose - People City
  5. Al Cherney - Hogtown Hoedown
  6. Bobby Gimby - Let's Get Together
  7. Rupert Bailey & The Swingers - Mississauga Evacuation
  8. Frank Motley & The Hitchhikers - Hook And Sling
  9. Dolores Claman - Theme From Ontario Place
  10. Bob Homme - Early One Morning
  11. The Gang - The Goodbye Song
  12. Terry Bush - Ontario - Is There Anyplace You'd Rather Be? (117'S Ontariock Mix)
  13. Nonnie - Imagine, Imagine
  14. Dan Gibson - The Sounds Of Algonquin Park
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