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Joseph Robb, We Thank You (Or Why We Need the Waffle)


If you follow this blog, you know I'm pro-waffle.  From the moment the first waffle hit the ACC ice, I saw it as the perfect symbol of our discontent.  It's become the waffle that unites us all.

During our last game against the Thrashers, Joseph Robb hurled waffles during another mediocre effort by the home team.  Here's what Joseph Robb did.

We know it was Joseph Robb because the Toronto Star caught him waffle-handed.  Here he is, making a statement on our behalf.


We know our hero's name because he's been charged with mischief.

The Toronto police, meanwhile, charged 31-year-old Joseph Robb with mischief (interference with property). He has a court date on Jan. 27.
Robb has been banned from the Air Canada Centre for all events as well as other Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment events at BMO Field and the Ricoh Coliseum.

The Star spoke with Robb.

Robb, who intends to fight the charges from Monday night, said he was not the original waffle thrower but just a copycat expressing his frustration with the Leafs. He says "real fans" can't even afford game tickets - his ticket was a gift - and they are tired of empty promises from management.
"I didn't mean to cause no trouble."
Robb tossed the waffles - which were thawed and soft - "just to say ‘wake up' or something. Stop treating your fans like Eggos."

As a fellow die-hard Leafs fan who's had enough, I have one thing to say... thank you.  Thanks for having the courage to throw a waffle at this under-achieving, over-priced product.  Thank you for taking one for the Barilkosphere, for getting the media's attention, and hopefully MLSE's.

Toronto FC fans got MLSE's attention with chants and protests during home games.  After missing the playoffs four years in a row, they'd had enough.  Our Leafs are about to miss the playoffs for the sixth time in a row.  It's about time the waffles showed up.

We must continue to throw waffles at Maple Leafs home games, for Joseph Robb and the rest of us who are suffering.  I do hope we do it after the whistle, and not during play, but I do hope we continue to do it.

Joseph Robb, we thank you.

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