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But I'm A Creep, I'm A Weirdo - All About Radiohead's Creep


I've always loved Radiohead's Creep.  I love lots of songs, but I'm crazy about this one.  I love the melody, I love the lyrics, I love the vocals... I love this tune, and have since I first heard it in '93.

Surfing the web yesterday, I caught a little video from Scala & Kolacny Brothers about one lonely doll's desperate attempt to be accepted.  It's haunting, and it's set to this awesome boy's girl's choir cover of Radiohead's Creep. It's crazy good, check it out.

Speaking of haunting covers, I once wrote about a homeless guy who covered Creep on the Opie and Anthony show.  His name is Mustard.

But my all-time favourite version of Creep might be the unplugged version by Radiohead combined with this awesome piece of Flash.

And can we discuss covers of Creep without talking about Sad Kermit's Creep?  He even drops the F bomb.

The writing credit for Creep goes to Thom Yorke, Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood.  Did you ever wonder who Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood are?  They wrote "The Air That I Breathe", a major hit for The Hollies in 1974.  Listen to the opening of "The Air That I Breathe" and think about Radiohead's Creep.

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If that fact is news to you, I just blew your mind.

You're welcome.

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