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10 Entries From 2010 Worth Revisiting


Looking back at 2010, I wrote a lot of forgettable crapola, but here are 10 entries of note worthy of a revisit.

I Hate My Favourite Team
Early in 2010, I realized something.  I hate my favourite team.

Canada Kills Pepsi Cheer
In late 2009, I made it my personal mission to stop the Pepsi cheer.  Do you rememember how Pepsi said we were cheering wrong and they tried to get us to cheer with their dumb Pepsi cheer?  I hated that campaign with a passion, because it was insulting, and I spoke to several media outlets about it.  In this entry, I claimed victory.

Canada Wins Gold
My favourite sports moment of 2010 was Sidney Crosby scoring the Golden Goal in overtime to beat the USA in the gold medal final of Olympic men's hockey.  My heart exploded with pride.

Subbanator Habs Fans Find New Ways to Offend
You have to revisit this entry, just to read the comments.  Wow.  That's all I'll say.  Wow.

If You Love the Leafs, You Hate the Habs
Some kids seemed to forget this fundamental truth this past spring.  There's no debate, if you love the Leafs, you hate the Habs.  It is written.

Did G20 Toronto Black Block Get Green Light to Rampage?
It smelled then and it smells now.  I had to ask the obvious question.

It's 1980, I'm Crying, But I'm Wearing That Hat
Just an old photo I found... but a peculiar one.  Why am I crying?

What This Foreman of the Jury Thinks About Our Court System
I'll remember 2010 as the year I was foreman of a jury on a high-visibility murder case.  It was a fascinating experience, and despite the fact it completely drained me, I'm so glad I had this opportunity.

By George, Bautista's at 46 - It's Time to Grow Up, Mike
Everything ends.

2010 Santa Claus Parade: Snark Version
As an experiment, I wrote two reviews of the Santa Claus Parade this year.  A typically sweet one and a snarkier version. Judging by the stats, you just wanted the snark.

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