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Why You Should Keep Your Domain Name: The True Story of


Bob McCown, host of Prime Time Sports on The FAN 590, once backed a sports site called Fadoo.  At some point he decided to end his online experiment and in June he pulled the plug.

When Bob McCown gives up on a project, he completely washes his hands of it.  He didn't even renew the domain name.  Even if you take down a site, if you've promoted it and had your good name attached to it in any way, I highly recommend you keep the domain name.  We're talking $20 a year here, nothing for a guy like Bob McCown, and he'd probably write it off as a business expense anyway.

On December 1, was up for grabs and it's been bought by someone and parked with an offer for a different type of sport.


To make matters worse, the now xxx is still being promoted by the Fadoo twitter account, which remains active, whether the owner knows it or not.


What the fadoo?

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