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Darkest Before the Dawn (And Other Such Bullshit)


Argh, I did it again.  On October 16, following the Leafs' 4th win in their first 4 games, I declared it was feeling a little like '93.  That was way stupid and way premature.

But that's the problem when you've endured such futility for over half a decade.  You start to see what you want to see.  Suddenly, Dion Phaneuf is Chris Pronger and Phil Kessel is Sidney Crosby.  Hell, Phil Kessel is Han Solo.  And Giguere, he's Patrick Roy.  That's how it is here in the centre of the universe.  We're starving for success and we see it everywhere as mirages and delusions of grandeur.

I believe in being accountable for my actions, so I'll take full blame for that crap I wrote on October 16.  A 4-0 start fucked with our expectation levels and messed with our blue and white psyches.  We're back to 11th in the conference, pretty much where you'd expect this team to be.  Our true hopes and dreams aren't that we enjoy a Stanley Cup parade on Yonge Street this June but that we somehow play over our heads and slip into 8th in the conference.

Now that we're 1-6-3 in our last 10 games, what the hell do we do?  Is it time to fire Ron Wilson?

Remember, it's darkest before the dawn.  We'll be okay...

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