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American Idol Claptrap and Crystal Bowersox


I just tweeted that I'm part Don Draper, part Omar Little.  I wish.  Those are two of the most fascinating characters I've seen on television and their respective shows are fantastic.

You know what show is far less cool than Mad Men or The Wire?  American Idol.  I've taken more abuse from friends and family for watching American Idol than for anything else this past decade.

Today when people discover I watch American Idol, I melt their hearts by telling them how much my kids love it and how we watch it as a family and play along with the judges.  This is true, my kids adore this show, but the devil is in the details.  I was watching before my oldest could talk.  Shhhh, that's a carefully guarded secret.

We're in season 9 and it feels like this will be the last.  In my opinion, this is also the worst.  There's only one contestant I believe actually has the goods.  The crystal clear #1 is far and away the cream of this crop, and I don't even know who's second best.  I'm referring to Crystal Bowersox.

Laugh at my guilty pleasure if you will, but Crystal Bowersox can sing.  Unfortunately for viewers, she's the only one.

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