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The Beauty of Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

Margaret Wise Brown's Goodnight Moon is far and away the book I enjoyed reading to my children most.  Those beautiful illustrations by Clement Hurd, that gentle prose... For years my kids fell asleep to this book, it was a staple.

At some point over the past year or so, my youngest outgrew Goodnight Moon.  I no longer read it, and it breaks my heart.  This entry serves absolutely no purpose except to allow me to reproduce those words here, without permission from the copyright holder.

Goodnight Moon
In the great green room
There was a telephone
And a red balloon
And a picture of --
The cow jumping over the moon

And there were three little bears sitting on chairs

And two little kittens
And a pair of mittens

And a little toyhouse
And a young mouse

And a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush
And a quiet old lady who was whispering "hush"

Goodnight room
Goodnight moon
Goodnight cow jumping over the moon
Goodnight light
And the red balloon

Goodnight bears
Goodnight chairs

Goodnight kittens
And goodnight mittens

Goodnight clocks
And goodnight socks

Goodnight little house
And goodnight mouse

Goodnight comb
And goodnight brush

Goodnight nobody
Goodnight mush

And goodnight to the old lady whispering "hush"

Goodnight stars
Goodnight air

Goodnight noises everywhere

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