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No Sugar Tonight In My Coffee (Agave Instead)


My wife makes great coffee.  It's the best part of waking up on weekends.

I was advised yesterday that sugar in our coffee is slowly killing us.  Sure, we breathe dirty city air every day, eat lots of pizza, and drink Coke Zero like it's water, but the teaspoon of sugar in my morning coffee is what's going to do me in.

Because my wife makes the weekend coffee, I'm really not in a strong bargaining position.  She's gone out and purchased something called Organic Blue Agave.  There is now Organic Blue Agave in my coffee where sugar once was.  I'm sipping my first cup as I type and I suppose it's okay.


I honestly hadn't heard of the agave plant until its nectar showed up in my morning brew.

Late breaking development: I'm sticking with sugar!  To be honest, sugar in my coffee tasted better, and I'm not sold on the benefits of Agave.  A man needs a few vices.  My wife will stick with agave and I'll stick with good ol' sugar.

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