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TV Tax Ads Lie, Annoy and Infuriate


I hate those TV Tax ads.  There are the two varieties... the ones from the cable and satellite guys and the ones from the networks telling us "Local TV Matters".  I hate them both.


That's my tweet after seeing another TV Tax ad during the Leafs game last night.  I thought they were gone, but apparently not.


That was someone replying to me on Twitter, helping to explain why these ads are so annoying.  I find them insulting, but not just because of the obnoxious sarcasm.  I resent the implication we're about to be hit with a TV tax.  There is no TV tax!

Only the government can tax us.  The government is not taxing us here, the CRTC is just ruling whether TV broadcasters can charge the cable and satellite providers for their content.  If our cable bill increases as a result, it's because Bell and Rogers and the gang passed on the extra cost.  It's not a tax, it's a multi-million dollar company passing on a new business expense to its customers.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Bell on both sides of the fence here?  Bell is one of the big names behind the "TV Tax" ads (along with Rogers, Telus, Cogeco, EastLink, BellAliant and others), but they're also part-owner of the CTV network, one of the big names behind the "Local TV Matters" ads (along with CBC, Global, A Channel, CHEK and others).  They simply can't lose.

I fully expect my Rogers bill to go up after this CRTC ruling, but it won't be because of a TV Tax.  The TV Tax doesn't exist.  My bill will go up because the cable and satellite companies are greedy bastards.

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