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A Month Without Sugary Treats


On Halloween night, I think I consumed about 20 chocolate bars.  They were those smaller sized bars for trick or treaters, but it was still 20.  Both kids scored so much loot, I knew I'd be surrounded by chocolate for all of November.

I'm not particularly good at moderation.  I know myself well enough that I'm aware of my weaknesses and limitations, and I figure I'd be good for about 10 sugary treats a day throughout the month of November.  No, I don't believe I could stop at just one.

I decided on Halloween night to go the entire month of November without eating any candy, chocolate, cake, brownies, donuts or other sugary treats.  It's been ten days, and my pledge is in tact.  In fact, I'm surprised at how easy it's been, despite being surrounded by Halloween snacks at home and work.

You see, although I'm not particularly good at moderation, I kick ass at cold turkey tests of will power.  Once I hit the switch, sugary treats were dead to me.

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