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The Spirit Reunion 2003 CD


Steve Macaulay was nice enough to send me a Spirit Reunion 2003 souvenir CD.  This thing is awesome.  It's 46 stellar clips from CFNY 102.1 that aired between 1977 and 1989.  I promise to share some very soon.

In the words of Don Berns:

The audio tracks on this CD are meant as a time capsule of the Spirit of Radio as it was heard during the period of 1977 - '89.  I have attempted to give full representation of that era and the special nature of CFNY.  However, reducing thousands of hours of entertaining radio to a fleeting few minutes has been a difficult task.  Many of my choices of program segments are included because the air talents are talking about signposts from that era: classic radio station promotions, artists, events and of course the music that defined our lives.  I only wish we could have included all the magnificent radio performances that defined the Spirit.  The personalities who are not represented on this CD are omitted simply because I wasn't able to obtain tapes of their programs.  Many of the shows that are represented can be heard extensively at, without whose co-operation and enthusiasm this CD would not be possible.

And, in David Marsden's own words:

1977 - '89 seemed like a wonderful radio roller coaster ride.  During those eleven years we put together one of the greatest radio teams in history.  While those on the air are most often the names so often repeated, we all must celebrate those who worked behind the scenes.  The team it took to put it all together was large and every person contributed a particular discipline to the entertainment that came out of your radio.  Too numerous to mention in this small space, each name deserves a standing ovation.

Here's the cover. I will share some of this awesome audio over the coming weeks.

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