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Mike Komisarek Signs With Maple Leafs


Hours after dipping his toes in the free agency pool by signing tough guy Colton Orr, Brian Burke has reeled in a bigger fish.  No, it wasn't the Mike I wanted, Mike Cammalleri, but 27 year old Mike Komisarek.  He signed a 5 year deal with the Leafs for $4.5 million per year.

That's right, $4.5 million a year over five years for a guy whose allergic to points.  I understand that's not his game and that we're getting a hard-nosed defensive defenseman who will block shots and hit everybody in sight, but that's a lot of cabbage.  Still, my Montreal-liking frenemies tell me I'll soon fall in love with the man they call Komi.

Orr and Komi promise to make us tougher, but will they combine to put up Brad Marsh-like offensive stats?  We can only hope...

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