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Darien Lake Attacks Canada With Americentric Ad

Darien Lake

YouTube user Retrontario frequently uploads fantastic retro-Toronto-centric gems.  These clips never fail to bring back a ton of memories for me, so I feature them from time to time.

If you grew up in Toronto, you saw the ads for Darien Lake on television.  Darien Lake is a theme park resort located between Buffalo and Rochester in Darien, New York.  They were always trying to get Canadians to cross the border for their rollercoasters and locals to stay put instead of coming here for Canada's Wonderland.

In 1986, in an effort to do the latter, Darien Lake went too far.  They ran a campaign against Canada's Wonderland drenched in Americentrism and anti-Canada sentiment.  Count the number of stereotypes in this sucker!

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