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CHUM Charts Plea to CTVglobemedia


When I wrote about 1050 CHUM being re-branded as CP24 Radio 1050, I wondered aloud what would happen to all the CHUM Charts archived online at the CHUM web site.  I grabbed the chart from the day I was born because when a station is re-branded this way, the old site is usually taken offline.

At some point this afternoon, that's exactly what happened.  Visiting now gets you redirected to  The Google cache of the old doesn't give you the old charts.  They're no longer accessible, and that's a shame.

I love music, I love this city, and I love archiving.  CTVglobemedia, if you're reading this, I would love to host the old CHUM Charts so they can be accessible to anyone who wants to peruse these historical artifacts of Toronto's radio history.

CTVglobemedia... free the CHUM Charts!

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