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1050 CHUM Now CP24 Radio 1050


My mom often talks about listening to 1050 CHUM back in the day.  It sounds like it was quite the station, I'm sorry I missed the glory days of CHUM AM.

From the CTVglobemedia press release:

CTV also announced today that CP24 will further extend its well-established brand within the GTA with the launch of CP24 Radio 1050, going live tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. CP24 Radio 1050 will broaden the reach of CP24’s local news coverage even further by offering 24-hour news content on a whole new platform. Following the mantra "we’re always with you," viewers can watch CP24 on television, listen on the radio, and follow along online at – no matter where they may be, at home, at work, or in the car.

It seems as if CTVglobemedia is going after more of Rogers' pie by pitting CP24 Radio 1050 against 680News.  We'll see if this is another Team1050 in time, but for now I want to know what will happen with the awesome CHUM Charts archived at

Here's the chart from the day I was born.  Grab the chart from the day you were born while you can.

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