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The Most Precious of Gifts


Tomorrow we'll return to our regular blogging schedule, but tonight it's all about our neighbours to the south.  America has elected an African-American as their President, 232 years after the United States Declaration of Independence.

I've recently been asked if I was rooting for Obama because he's black.  I followed this political race carefully, and in my eyes the Democrats ran a perfect campaign.  Everything about Barack Obama was presidential, every word he said and every point he argued.  The colour of his skin didn't sway me one iota.  It's the man who is the ideal candidate at this time, for America and for the world.

Others have wondered where this enthusiasm was during our Canadian election last month.  I actually addressed this point back in September. I'm aching to feel such passion for our elections.  I would absolutely love to be inspired by a Canadian politician in the fashion I've been inspired by Barack Obama.  I am Canadian, and I love this country, but the recent Canadian election left me completely unmoved while this euphoria in the wake of Obama's overwhelming victory has left me invigorated and motivated to change things for the better.  Obama has given me, and millions of others throughout the world, the most precious of gifts.  He's given us hope.

Tomorrow there will be entries about the Leafs' overtime loss, a great tune will be shared and I'll likely revisit a local Toronto memory from the early 80s, but today it's about something greater.  It's about time.

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