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Bolt in 3-D (This is Not a Review)


Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Canada invited me to an advanced screening of Bolt this morning, but they had one request.  They asked that I not review the movie until it opens on November 21. As a result, this is not a review of Bolt, merely some notes about the experience.

Upon my arrival my daughter and I were handed pairs of glasses.  I must plead ignorance, I had no idea Bolt was in 3-D.  I don't think I've seen a 3-D movie since I caught a nature film at the Ontario Place Cinesphere over a decade ago.  3-D has come a long way...

These weren't those crappy paper red and blue framed 3-D glasses from the 80s, these were full glasses that looked like a pair of shades Elton John might have worn back in the day.  Our first taste of 3-D action came with the trailer for Pixar's Up, and damn that was cool.  My daughter wanted to reach out and touch the action before her and I just wanted to see Up.

A full length feature film in 3-D is a bit of sensory overload.  It's almost too much.  You have to focus more and viewing the entire movie through glasses lost it's cool after about 30-minutes.  Although it added an extra layer of wowism, I wonder if it's worth all the extra effort required to absorb this additional dimension.

I'll review this film next week.  If you're curious about the 3-D technology used by Disney in Bolt, check out  It sounds like I'm going to have to get used to this Real D Cinema technology because starting with Up all Pixar films will be released in 3-D.

Maybe I should have held on to those glasses.

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