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Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow


This planet we all share really isn't that big.  Like many of you, I tend to focus on North American news and events.  Sure, I read the international news from the BBC, but it's primarily headline reading unless it's a significant news event.

I don't pretend to be an expert in the Somali Republic and their politics.  I had to visit Wikipedia to learn the I.C.U. and their militia took control of much of the southern half of Somalia, including the southern port of Kismayo.  I'm referencing the instable political situation in Somalia because of this story being reported by Amnesty International and Somalia media.

A 13-year-old girl who said she had been raped was stoned to death in Somalia after being accused of adultery by Islamic militants, a human rights group said.
Dozens of men stoned Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow to death Oct. 27 in a stadium packed with 1,000 spectators in the southern port city of Kismayo, Amnesty International and Somali media reported, citing witnesses. The Islamic militia in charge of Kismayo had accused her of adultery after she reported that three men had raped her, the rights group said.

It's a small world, but it's easy to forget events like this are still possible.  When you fail to look beyond your own city, province, country or continent, it's easy to ignore the fact a quarter of Somali children die before age 5.

It's difficult to even imagine a stadium packed with spectators to witness the stoning to death of a 13-year-old rape victim.  It's even more difficult to accept the fact there's so little we can do.

Shock and disgust are natural reactions to Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow's story, but otherwise useless.  Is this just a shit pill we civilized folk have to hold our nose and swallow or can we actually do something to right such a barbaric wrong in our very small world?

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