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Sarah Palin Talks Leafs Hockey


I am not American, but I'm keeping my good eye on the American political landscape as the Jackass and Elephant ramp up for the November 4th Presidential election.

We had a family BBQ yesterday and among the many topics covered was John McCain's choice for VP.  Sadly, in my circle, the choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate is a rather frightening joke.  By most accounts McCain made this decision based on a single 15-minute meeting with the 44-year old mother of five.  Other than 1.5 years of flip-flopping as governor of the 47th least populated state (683,478 people, many more moose), the experience that makes her fit to be a heartbeat away (and that's one questionable heartbeat) is being mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, population 8,000.

She was also a sportscaster!  Here's some great footage of the future Sarah Palin, then known as Sarah Heath, doing sports for Channel 2 News. Be sure to pay extra special attention to the 2:52 mark when she notes the Winnipeg Jets are killing our Toronto Maple Leafs 8-1.  The more things change...

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