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Good News For Freddie P


The summer of 2008 has been bitter sweet for fans of the Humble and Fred show.  Over the past few weeks both Humble Howard and Fred Patterson have moved on to the next phase of their professional lives.  I'm very happy for both guys, even though I'll likely never get to hear my favourite radio tandem on the air again.

Today Freddie P announced he's the new program director of two radio stations: Peterborough's Best Rock, 101.5 the Wolf, and Home Town Oldies 980 Kruz that will move to 100.5 FM sometime in the fall.  It's perfect for Fred as it will allow him to spend more time at his beloved tin palace, a trailer a mere 20 minutes from Peterborough.

Humble has moved on to mornings on EZ Rock 97.3 as he works toward his goal of being the Canadian John Tesh.  I'm rooting for him.  Actually, I'm rooting for both Humble and Fred as they move on from the old Humble and Fred show.

Nothing lasts forever.  Congrats, Fred.  I remember really digging The Wolf during a trip to Peterborough.  Any station that plays that much Hip and Neil Young is alright by me.

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