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Cheek's Ford C. Frick Award


Let's try this again.  This will the fourth year in a row I've encouraged you to vote for Tom Cheek as a finalist for the Ford C. Frick Award.  You can vote here at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Here are previous entries I've written about Cheek's eligibility for the Ford C. Frick Award.

In that 2nd last entry, I went off after Denny Matthews won the award.

Removing my extremely biased perspective for a moment, Tom Cheek called Blue Jays games since day one, calling 4,306 of them in a row.  During that time Toronto won two World Series championships and a few additional division pennants.  Tom Cheek's no longer with us.
Dave Perkins wrote about this in today's Star, but I was thinking the exact same thing, I swear.  If Tom Cheek had called games in the United States of America, he'd have won the Ford C. Frick award long ago.  Of this I am certain.  There's a definite bias against recognizing baseball achievements in this country and Tom Cheek is a victim.

And yes, I shall use this opportunity to remind you that I've archived all of Tom Cheek's Greatest Hits.  Click over and remember the glory days of Blue Jays baseball.  And don't forget to vote for Tom.

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