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Lynn Johnston Concludes Her Story


The final daily For Better or for Worse strip was published today.  If you read the strip in the Toronto Star, you'll see this strip in tomorrow's paper.  This concludes Lynn Johnston's 29 year story about the Pattersons in fictitious Milborough, Ontario.

Forever I assumed the story would end with the words "for better or for worse", but I assumed they'd be said by Elizabeth at her wedding.  I'm guessing everyone thought that so Lynn threw a little curve ball by having Iris say them about her and Jim.  I was also pretty sure Jim would pass away, but as we learn in the final Sunday strip, he lives another two years.

I just realized I have a whole bunch of For Better or for Worse entries so it's time they get their own category.  On the day this 29-year ritual ends for me, someone who started reading them daily only a few years after they debuted, I introduce you to my Foob entries.

For Better of For Worse

Update: I went downstairs to check out my copy of today's Star.  That let me see what happened to the characters.  It seems, everything works out for the Pattersons.  Elly and John retire, Grandpa Jim dies at 89, Elizabeth teaches and has a son, Michael signs a film contract, Deanna begins a sewing school and April works with the Calgary Stampede.

This final insight into For Better or for Worse reminds me a great deal of the final ten minutes of the Six Feet Under series finale.  I loved that show and thought the final ten minutes were stunning.  April is the Claire of FBOFW and the only difference is Six Feet Under showed us the death of each member of the Fisher family where Lynn wisely stuck to the life.  To see the final ten minutes of Six Feet Under and that amazing scene, shoot over to this entry.

It's over.


Update #2: It seems we Toronto Star readers didn't get the whole story!  They edited the final destiny strip for space so my scan above doesn't show the first row.  Below is the actual unedited final new strip of For Better or for Worse.

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