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Celine Dion's Special Flight Service


I just received this email from someone who didn't leave a reply email address or sign their name.  They just dropped it in my contact form.

Your music blog takes way to long to load.
News Tip: Celine Dion got special service this week from Bombardier (I suspect) as they let her avoid the landing fees at Pearson by landing and parking her private jet at Downsview.

When I started this blog almost six years ago, I thought it would be a good idea if I had one page for all entries tagged "music", another page for all entries tagged "toronto maple leafs" and so on.  This is my 8023rd entry.  Six years ago, I didn't think I'd come close to a number that high.

As a result, the more popular categories have hundreds and hundreds of entries that makes these category pages a mile high.  And yes, that can take some time to fully load.  I realize it's time for me to introduce pagination to the category pages and I hope to implement this fix some time in September.

As for The Celine, I heard she was in town.  I just read a favourable review of her show in the Globe.  Bless her little heart.  As long as she avoids the AC/DC covers, she's okay in my books.  And if Bombardier wants to offer her a special flight from Montreal that avoids Pearson, all the power to her.

But wait, wasn't she all about the Air Canada?  Remember this ad...

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