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I did this once before and I think I'm going to do it again.  Here are recent comments left on this site you may have missed.  All of these comments were left within the past week.

I am a huge fan of Roger Rick & Marilyn since I moved to GTA 12 years ago. I think the morning show is very funny and they are very real and personable. I will definitely miss Rick Hodge and wish him all the best. I think it's amazing that they've been a winning combination for 21 or 22 years. I have tried to win Breakfast in Barbados but no luck.
The news about Rick comes just as I am trying to recover from the departure of Marilyn from Cityline. I think that she is excellent at radio and TV.
I was wondering what happened to Lauren on the morning show and I haven't heard Sarah Miller and what happened to the Sound Lounge - Corey Kimm and then Chris Biggs?
So many questions. So little time.
~ Janet, Rick Hodge Escapes Roger, Rick and Marilyn
The City of Toronto will sometimes provide a free Water Trailer to events if requested (a trailer with 10 taps providing constant free cold tap water). The City has 2 of these but could build more if demand is there for this free service.
~ Mark Cooper, Questioning the One Bottle Policy
Hey Mike, you have now made my life complete!!! I remember when I would only listen to this tape and the tape from `93. You definitely should send me every song from `92 and `93 *if you have them* thnx! You rock my blue jays sox!
~ Jess, The Ballad of Tom Henke
For the circumstances, Miller is doing pretty well. There's no way to cut taxes if you need to fund transit and low income housing on top of policing and infrastructure. You could cut the perks, but it wouldn't be close to substantial in savings. Those perks were supposed to cut the risk of bribery and corruption.
It's the same old story time and time again from people who don't have a clue about what it takes to finance and run an urban municipality.
~ A.R., That's My Bush!
Alan Cross and the people who are making decisions at 102.1 the edge are greedy. They are heisting our youth before their eyes and the youth who listen dont even kow it. Since cross's arrival, or lets say within the last 4 years, they play more that twice as many commercials, and they're about as witty as 5 year olds with all the vulgarity of jailbirds....the djs can't even be funny with vulgarity!...fucking losers..the whole fucking station is re-todded!. They look for any way possible to rip off its customers. At edgefest yesterday there was a bout 1 portopottie for 50 people, they were hidden and hard to find as well. The beer section was so small, and you couldnt get in without lining up for 2 hours...a great way to avoid lawsuits!...You couldnt bring in your own umbrella, yet when it rained there was no shelter, you couldnt leave to your car for shelter and re-enter, because there was no re-entry, of course $5 for a small ice cream, the main band was late with no excuse or reason why.....i could go on and on here....Alan Cross, ReTodd, Huble, Booky....You're all fucking greedy, unwitty, and fucking are ruining the spirit of this city to fill your own pockets, go fuck your selves, im going to keep traashing your station to everyone I know through this great thing called the internet....assholes!
~ Anonymous, Alan Cross Out As Program Director at Edge 102
Screw Brett. He retired and now he needs to deal with it. You can't go back and forth like this. I hate it when athletes retire and then they really don't retire. So many people with great records come back to tarnish their legacy. Retire with class like Wayne or Ripken. Brett is handling this like a child. Then again most athletes are children.
~ Andrew, Release The Brett
We have the same exact box, which was passed down to me from my cousin, Michael, when my brother and I were young. I now have a daughter, Harriet. We played that music box from the day she was born and it is one of the few things that comfort her, no-fail. We changed the lyrics to accommodate:
My name is Harriet
I've got a chariot
I've got a chariot
Shiny and new
I'm gonna use it
to crush some skulls
That'swhat I'm gonna do
She loves it.
~ Lara, My Name is Michael, I Got a Nickel
Nice post. I chipped in a little for the cause. Make us proud, Mike.
~ Felix, 2008 Terry Fox Run - Donate Now!
Mike: Its not working. Not sure if its my computer or your blog. I knew I should have bought a Mac.
~ Argie, How To Confuse An Idiot
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