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Woodland Trails Scout Camp


Camp Woodland Trails has 19 campsites which are spread out over 275 acres of breathtaking landscaping.  This weekend, my son and I stayed at Hickory Hills with his Beavers troop.

I remember these trips from when I was a Cub Scout, and it was as fun as I recall.  The weather was fantastic as we went on a scavenger hunt, learnt how to use our compasses by orienteering, enjoyed a traditional spaghetti dinner, exhausted ourselves on the obstacle course, played plenty of soccer, told stories and jokes by the campfire, roasted marshmallows, made smores, went on a long hike and closed out with a wienie roast.

There were no computers, no televisions and no radios.  It was just a jam-packed couple of days that James and I will never forget.

I do, however, have one complaint.  Sleeping in a single room with 17 Beavers and their dads isn't easy.  I counted at least three snorers and one dude, sharing the bunk beside me, cranked out his snores at about 140 decibels.  I didn't think I'd ever fall asleep.  Next year, I'm bringing my tent and sleeping outdoors.

I went nuts with the camera.  Here's the Woodland Trails Scout Camp photoset and a few pics below.

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