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Predictable Avery BS


I don't like Steve Avery.  I don't know many hockey fans who do.  He's a grade A jerk and nothing he does surprises me anymore.

I alluded briefly to the latest Avery silliness in this recap of night five of the NHL playoffs.  Avery pulled some school yard stunt where he waved his arms and stick in front of Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur.  No, there wasn't a specific rule against the act, but no sensible person would want this unsportsmanlike behaviour in the game.

In the comments of that entry, Al defended the act as "harmless".  My brother piped in hoping Avery "gets what's coming".  It's a pretty hot topic of debate around these parts, so I wanted to give it a little FPP exposure.

The ball hockey team I played for as an 18 year old wouldn't have tolerated Avery's antics.  I'm reminded of A-Rod's bush league play against the Jays last May.  A-Rod yelling "mine" in front of Howie Clark was against the rules, as is Avery's rodeo clown jig the other day.  You don't have to make physical contact with a player to be guilty of interference.

He's a class-less bum.  It's more predictable Avery bullshit.  I didn't like him before, and I like him even less now.

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