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How I Spent My First Earth Hour


You can pretty much guess who amongst your friends will embrace Earth Hour and who will poo-poo the whole thing.  There are certain people who like to crap on anything of this nature.  Sure, it's a marketing ploy and there are probably better solutions to our energy crisis, but I love the idea of Earth Hour and we had a lot of fun at 8pm.

My wife wasn't particularly warm to the idea of Earth Hour, so we agreed she could spend the hour in the bath reading.  The compromise was that our house could have one light on, in the bathroom, which probably wasn't a bad idea with a three year old and six year old about.  At about 7:58 the kids and I went through the house to ensure all lights were off, I lit a candle and we plopped in my bed for story time.

It was pretty awesome.  The flickering flame lit the way as I told tales of Fancy Nancy, Alice the Fairy and dinosaur drummers.  I paced myself, paused often for dramatic effect and wrapped up around 8:40.  Then, it was time to brush our teeth and a couple of tired souls got tucked in for the night.

I went outside shortly before 9pm and saw very few lights.   I can't wait to see photos of downtown as most businesses and all landmarks went dark for the hour.  Don't tell me Earth Hour didn't have an impact.  I'm starting to think every Saturday could use an Earth Hour.

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