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I had a blast running last year.  Last March I took up running and I went out three times a week for seven months, even finishing a few races.  I got in great shape, felt fantastic and thought I had discovered a year round activity for the long haul.

As documented on my running page, I hurt myself in late November and eventually got referred to a sports doctor who diagnosed my injury and outlined a treatment program.  I was asked to shut it down for six weeks, and I did.  I quit dodgeball, stopped running and let myself go for about two months.  Starting with last week's slo-pitch tournament, I've started walking again and today I went for a light 4k run.

At the 3k mark the same old symptoms resurfaced.  There's tender soreness on the right side of my right leg and the pain is so severe I can't run with it.  About four months ago I was running 13k without a problem but now my leg is good for only about 3k before it quits on me.

I've written my therapist who will chat with my doc, but it's almost April and I'm starting to accept the fact I might not be running this summer.  I'll play ball twice a week, as my leg doesn't complain about that, and I think I'll polish off my old bike and see how my leg feels about a good ol' fashioned bike ride.  I used to bike like crazy, and I used to love it.

Acceptance is key, as I'm losing faith in my ability to heal from whatever it is that ails me.

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