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Stephen Brunt has a great column in today's Globe & Mail entitled "A Higher Calling".  It's about Michael "Pinball" Clemons, easily the most likable athlete to play in this city.  Pinball is asked daily when he's going to run for Mayor of Toronto.  I decided long ago this was both inevitable and a very good thing for my city.

In September 2000, Pinball was set to play his final game of professional football.  His last run would take place at SkyDome against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and I knew I had to be there.  I bought two tickets and took my wife to say farewell to a player who didn't just excite you with a big play, but inspired you with character.  Pinball was never just a running back or kick and punt returner, he was a motivator, a leader and a hero, on and off the field.  After the game he addressed the crowd with a wonderful speech drenched in class and sincerity.  I'm glad I was there.

On Sunday he coaches in the conference final, and hopefully he'll be coaching in this year's Grey Cup.  Then, I hope he steps down as Argonaut head coach.  It's time he enters the political arena and takes the first step toward being our next mayor.  He does have a higher calling, and we're the beneficiaries.

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