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My Offline Challenge: Week 38


After hurting my leg, I attempted a comeback last night. I took my sore right leg out for a 6k run after 8 days of rest.  Things didn't go very well.

After a couple of kilometres my right leg felt so tender with this strange bruising sensation that it ached immensely every time I lifted my leg for a stride.  Eventually the pain became too much to bear and I went into a light jog / walk hybrid.  Since I couldn't make it 6k, my 10k tonight is out and my planned 18k for Sunday is out of the question.

I'm going to rest it for another week.  It feels fine when I walk on it, and only nine days ago I couldn't walk 10 feet.  I think it's getting better, whatever it is, and I'll test it again next Tuesday with a nice and easy 6k.  If it's still hurting like hell, I'll dive into physio therapy.

Here are the distances I ran over the past seven days:

  • Tuesday - 6k run
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