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Unfriendly Giant Puppet Withdrawal From CBC


I loved "The Friendly Giant".  It was a childhood staple, along with "Polka Dot Door", "The Electric Company", "Jeremy", "Sesame Street" and "Mr. Dressup".  Rusty and Jerome were like childhood friends.

Rusty and Jerome appeared in a satirical skit last month during the Gemini Awards broadcast from Regina on October 28th and now the family of Bob Homme is pissed.  Homme's son Richard and daughter Ann picked up the puppets Tuesday from a display at the public broadcaster's downtown Toronto headquarters that also included The Friendly Giant's tunic, boots, castle set and mini furniture.

I found the offending skit on YouTube and it's great.  It's just good to see some old friends, ya know?  Yes, the CBC should have got permission before using Rusty and Jerome but their appearance stole the show.  Watch the skit below.

Now Rusty, here's one little chair for you, and a bigger chair for Jerome to curl up in, and for the Homme family who can't handle a harmless joke, a rocking chair in the middle.

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