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Maple Leafs 3, Canadiens 4


When I came into the bedroom after the shootout loss last night, my wife asked me who won.  I told her we lost again and she asked why I still watch.  She didn't see the point in watching a team that had no hope.  It reminded me of a day in grade 11 math when Mr. Rocca's math class united against me for wearing a Maple Leafs ball cap to bed.  I suffer because it's my cross to bear.

The game itself last night wasn't bad.  O Captain, My Captain nearly saved the day by scoring with 17.6 seconds left in the third period.  Then, for the 17th time in 24 opportunities, we lost in the shootout.

My wife wasn't the only one asking good questions last night.  Here's what my PC asked me.


Current Record Last GamesSeason Leaders8-11-6
22 points
5th in Northeast4-3 SOL vs. Montreal
5-1 Loss vs. Phoenix
3-1 Loss vs. DallasM. Sundin - 30
N. Antropov - 21
T. Kaberle - 17

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