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Ranking the Spectator Sports


I just read that Canada failed to win a match at the Rugby World Cup for the first time.  We got walloped 37-6 by Australia earlier today and I don't care.  Rugby is in my C bucket of sports which means I really don't care how Canada fares unless we happen to win something at which time I'll semi-care.

I'm sure this will sound like blasphemy to rugby lovers, but I've never played the sport nor have I ever watched a match, and I'm a sports fan.  With a sport in the Toronto Mike C bucket alongside cricket and polo, a world cup can come and go and I won't notice.  I read about our loss to Australia at BBC Sport.

Because I'm sure you're curious, here's my A bucket, B bucket and C bucket.  The sports I failed to list are probably in the C bucket.

A Bucket

  • hockey
  • baseball
  • basketball
  • football

B Bucket

  • golf
  • tennis
  • auto racing
  • soccer
  • boxing
  • track and field
  • horse racing

C Bucket

  • rugby
  • cricket
  • polo
  • cycling
  • bowling
  • badminton
  • sailing
  • squash
  • weightlifting
  • skiiing
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