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Contemplating a Third


A number of women in my wife's circle of friends are preggers or have cute little babies.  This has Taryn talking about having a third.

I've already decided I'm happy with the two angels I have.  I've got a boy and a girl and both are smart, healthy, sweet, beautiful creatures.  I also have a bedroom for each in a neighbourhood I love.  I love things just the way they are and as the kids get older it just gets better.  I think I'm done procreating.

Taryn appreciates my argument, but she likes to turn it around.  She thinks that we should have more because we create such pretty, smart, healthy children.  She thinks we should do it now while we're still sorta young.  She sees these cute little babies and pregnant women and she gets a little baby fever.

I still think I'm done.  Taryn's argument is falling on deaf ears.  I've won the lottery twice and I'm not about to tempt fate by rolling the dice again.  At least not until I win an actual lottery, and that's another game I'm not interested in playing.

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