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I Don't Think I Like Californication


I watched another episode of Californication last night.  That's five episodes and I don't think I actually like this show.  I think I'm watching because I think it should be better than it is.

For starters, it stars Fox Mulder.  That was enough to get me to watch the pilot.  I like David Duchovny, but this Hank Moody character he's playing is just over the top.  It's as if the writers took every "cool guy" cliche in the books and slapped them upon his persona.  A tortured writer who beds beautiful babes, Moody is James Dean, Steve McQueen and The Fonz all rolled into one.  It's enough to make you sick.

Then, there's this stupid subplot with his agent who has this secret dominatrix thing going with his hot secretary and a wife who demands a threesome with him and that same smokin' assistant.  Please.  I could write that, but nobody would tune in because everything is so overblown.  There's no subtlety at all.  Even the pig teacher flaunts his interest in teens and snorting coke like he's begging for a visit from the coppers.  Californication isn't particularly smart, funny or interesting and the presence of Duchovny shouldn't have tided me over five episodes.

Tell Me You Love Me is far more interesting.  If you're looking for a new TMN show to test drive, try that one... if you can handle the sausage.

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