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The Love Guru Features Maple Leafs


Ajax Mike just sent me this link.  It's about a Mike Myers comedy entitled "The Love Guru" that begins shooting next month in Toronto. A June 20th 2008 release is planned.

Ajax Mike knew I'd be interested in "The Love Guru" because the plot revolves around a star hockey player with the Toronto Maple Leafs played by Romany Malco who I know best as Conrad Shepard on "Weeds".  The casting only gets funkier from there.  Justin Timberlake plays an LA King, Jessica Alba is the Toronto Maple Leafs team owner and Verne Troyer is the Leafs head coach.

That's right, Mike Myers' buddy Mini-Me is playing the head coach of our beloved Maple Leafs.  "Breakfast With Scot", the other Maple Leafs movie, should hit theatres first.  Motion pictures featuring the Leafs is one of the hottest trends in Hollywood right now.  Go Leafs Go!

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