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At this time of year I always get nostalgic for the days when Blue Jays baseball in late August actually meant something.  There's an entire generation of ball fans growing up in this city who barely recall playoff baseball in Toronto.  That's so sad.

When I get nostalgic about pennant races from yesteryear, I start thinking about Tom Cheek.  I've written so much about Tom Cheek I've got an entire category in his honour.  Tom Cheek and Jerry Howarth were the voices of Blue Jays baseball when I would listen to every game possible on the radio.  In honour of Tom Cheek, I'd like to share his greatest calls with you all.

The First Home Run in Blue Jays History
I was two years old when Doug Ault hit the first home run in franchise history on April 7, 1977, so I don't have a memory of the moment.  You can relive the Jays debut in the CBC archives and hear Tom Cheek's call of Ault's first dinger below.  "A tremendous shot."

Our First AL East Pennant
I've got great memories of this fantastic day and I shared those memories in this entry.  You never forget your first, whether it be home run, no-hitter, cycle, World Series or pennant.  Here's Tom Cheek's call of that final out on October 5, 1985. "Bell is there... he's got it!"

Dave Stieb's No-Hitter
I was working at the CNE on this day, but that didn't stop me from sharing my memories of Sir David's no-hitter. You don't want to miss Tom Cheek's call of the first no-hitter in Blue Jays history from September 2, 1990.  "He's done it!  He's done it!"

The First World Series Championship
I don't believe I've ever written about that fantastic night the Blue Jays clinched their first World Series title.  It was quite the surreal night that was capped by Dave Winfield's clutch RBI and the sudden disappearance of my Canadian flag.  Listen to Tom Cheek's historic call of Otis Nixon's bunt to Mike Timlin.  "The Blue Jays win it!"

Joe Carter's 1993 World Series Ending Blast
I've saved the best for last.  This is, without a doubt, the best call of Tom Cheek's career.  Here's an extensive write up about Joe's three run homer off Mitch Williams.  You'll want to play this one over and over and over again.  "Touch 'em all, Joe!"

If you want more Blue Jays memories, thoughts, observations and rants, check out my Toronto Blue Jays category page.  Enjoy these audio gems I consider to be Tom Cheek's greatest hits.

New Update (posted December 5, 2012 in honour of this):
1993 World Series Game 6 Bottom of the 9th, as called by Tom Cheek.

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