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When Mary Worth Was an Apple Selling Grandmother


An interesting comment was left earlier today on this entry about Lynn Johnston's retirement from writing For Better Or For Worse.  A fellow fan of the strip who goes by the handle T. K. Niland left Lynn a message, in the hopes that Lynn Johnston will find her way to my site.  Here's what T. K. Niland had to say.

Dear Ms. Johnston,
I certainly understand your desire to “lighten” your load; but I will certainly miss the current format. I am a 75 year old comic strip “Junkie.” I’ve been reading comic strips since I’ve been able to read. I can remember when Mary Worth was an apple selling grandmother during the depression and have watched her grow younger to become a hot babe in Vietnam chasing a middle age Doctor.
I don’t look forward to losing the anticipation of finding out how the plot thickens; but I do understand and wish you God’s Speed.
T. K. Niland

I love that line about remembering Mary Worth when she was an apple selling grandmother and then watching her grow younger to become a hot babe chasing a middle aged doctor.  Heck, I love the whole thing.  And I whole heartedly agree.

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