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The Humble & Fred Message of Hope 2007 Podcast


The 17th Annual Humble & Fred Christmas Podcast was an attempt to capture the essence of the Humble & Fred radio show and share it as a podcast.  We went live with that show on December 22, 2006 and it was very well received.

Last Thursday, the guys returned to Dan Duran's house to record a Message of Hope 2007 show.  I couldn't make it because of work obligations, but I was asked to make it all happen online again.

At some point next week, will look quite different and will be streaming this new show.  I've already permanently archived the Christmas show at  I'll let you know when the new podcast is live on the home page.

I hear it's pretty funny (Dan's still polishing the production).  We're even going to share a NSFW outtakes file for those of you over the age of 18.  Stay tuned H + F fans...

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