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My Prima Television Nightmare


In January 2006, I bought a 27 inch Prima television from Sears for my basement.  I didn't need anything great, just something I could watch games on while hanging in the basement or working on the computer.  The price was right and for eleven months all was well.

Last month, the video on this tv stopped working.  I turned it on one day and all I got was audio.  I performed some trouble shooting of my own, making sure it wasn't a setting or the VCR, and quickly determined she was busted.  Luckily for me she broke during her first year which meant she was covered by the manufacturer warranty.  I called Sears, let them know the situation, and they told me to call Prima.

I've been trying to contact Prima ever since.  Their website says you have to call a toll-free number but when you call the toll-free number you're put in a queue for fifteen minutes until you're dumped in a voice mail box.  Then, the recording tells you the voice mail box is full and you're hung up on.  There is no way to reach a human being by calling Prima, I've tried it dozens of times.

I've been without a television in my basement for almost a month now.  I'm now trying to get Sears to intervene because I can actually talk to a human over there.  For a while Sears wouldn't do anything more than tell me I had to talk to Prima, but after a well composed email of frustration they claim they're looking into this.

Does anyone out there have an old tv sitting in storage collecting dust that they're willing to donate to this poor bastard?

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